Wow! I cann't believe it was in such good condition after being submerged in water for 6+ decades. The chassis looks like it can still function. Its amazing that the treads and roadwheels still turn after all those years. This is a true sign of quality. German engineering at its finest. more

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 Teniente) March 02, 2016

A short impression from the jkwrangler's first TANK-DRIVING experience (OFFROADPARK BÖSER WOLF | HESSEN). This event was awesome. read more


Still in amazing condition, with minimal corrosion due to the lack of oxygen in the bog, this Sturmgeschütz IV (StuG IV) German assault gun was pulled from a bog in 2010 in Poland.  Imagine how horrific it must have been sitting inside of these tanks and such with shells hitting them, more

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