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 Teniente) December 28, 2016

Two Austrian relic hunters discovered an amazing find. They dug up a highly prized gun - the polish FB Vis - or also known like a Pistole 35(p) or the Radom pistole. This pistol is also interesting because of the personalised grips, which were marked with the date 1943 and three letters on the...read more

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 Teniente) May 01, 2016

This 8.8 cm was found in 80 km. north of Berlin. I don't know more about this discovery, but it's amazing. There a still a wide variety of WW2 relic lost/buried to the elements of time .

If you find more information about this find, please, send it to ...read more

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 HQ Batallón) February 04, 2015

WWII Relic Hunting/Metal Detecting WW2 Episode 1, 2012. Our first 2-day tour to the Eastern Front of this year. In this tour we found several interesting relics, including a k98, helmets, bayonet, panzerfausts etc. Silent witnessess of WW2 . Enjoy the video!

WWII Relic Hunting/Metal...read more

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