A Youtuber transferred this from an old reel of film from the Barry Coran collection. No sound but might be of interest to the Warbird fans.read more


The German Jagdpanther is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, tank destroyers of WWII. The performance of the 8.8cm PaK gun and the need for effective, mobile anti-tank weapons was well understood by the Germans.

After finishing the race a small number of PzKpfw V...read more

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Recovery of a Soviet T-60 tank from World War II, this one has seen some pretty harsh fighting with the turret missing.read more


Crew members of Lt. William Parker Cook's B-26 (serial number 43-34430) have been identified and returned to their families. The recovery (read the detailed B-26 Recovery Report below) was the result of joint search and excavation work by History Flight, The 99th Division MIA project...read more

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