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 Teniente) January 19, 2017

This video was filmed during the Duxford Flying Legend on 11 july 2009 at Duxford (GB). You can watch impressive scenes and shots of these beautiful planes. You is going to have reason if you say that the Buchon it was not a German fighter. Yes, it was a Spanish version of the Me 109.  

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This Messerschmitt ME-109G (Hispano HA-1112 M1L) is the last remaining example of the Messerschmitt family available in original ‘as last flown’ condition. It is part of the Edwards Collection, Wilson Edwards, Big Spring, Texas. The HA-1112-M1L c/n 220 C....read more


In 1942 the Spanish government arranged a manufacturing licence with Messerschmitt AG to build the Bf 109G-2, with DB605A engines, propellers, instruments, and weapons to be supplied from Germany. This proved impossible, as Germany was...read more

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