Hugo Broch, born on 6 January 1922 in Leichlingen, Prussia, Weimar Republic, is one of Germany's most highly decorated World War Two pilots. He had a special day. He never thought he could fly the most successful and iconic British figther ever built. At age 95 he has fulfilled a long more


This was made as a learning curve fun project 5 years ago. This movie is a visualization of 3 days in 1943 with script directly from the book "I Flew for the Führer" written by Heinz Knoke. He used compositing with computer graphics from IL2, with permission from Maddox Games, as basis but more

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Günther Rall was the third most successful ace in fighter pilot history. In this rare interview, Rall explains the reality of Germany and the Luftwaffe in the second world war. He describes his experiences during the war in the Messerschmitt Bf 109. He claimed all of his victories in the more


Great, informative and unbiased video once again from Military History Visualized! When it comes to World War 2 many people often cite the high kill numbers of German and Japanese Pilots. The problem is more

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