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 HQ Batallón) January 31, 2017

These images are featured all around the world from the Eastern Front, to the Pacific War, and to the landings of Normandy. All these images are genuine, and they contain very graphic content, even some disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.read more



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 Teniente) October 31, 2016

Junker 87, better known by Germans as the "Sturzkampfbomber" and by English as dive bomber or "Stuka", was one of the most effective, successful and deadly weapon of the World War II. Its rank is high if you account...read more


Combat footage captured by a German cameramen during WW2 in the European theatre. New and recently released and converted to wide-screen HD.read more


On 2 May 1945, after one of the most intense battles in human history, the guns at last stopped firing amongst the ruins of Berlin. According to Soviet veterans, the silence that followed the fighting was literally deafening. Less than four years after his attack on the Soviet Union, Hitler's...read more

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