The Battle of Leyte Gulf is the largest naval battle in the Pacific, and the largest naval battle in recorded history. The battle spanned 100,000 square miles of sea; and was fought for three days, from October 23 to October 25, 1944, during the invasion of Leyte by the...read more


The IJN Akitsushima was a seaplane tender/carrier. The ship displaced 4724 tons, had a lenght of 118 metres and was 15.7 metres wide. The ship was powered by four diesel engines driving twin props, a total of 8000 shp, giving a maximum speed of 19 knots. Akitsushima was armed with 10 25 mm anti-...read more

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In this episode I'm joined by Professor Theresa Kaminski.

We look at the Japanese occupation of the Philippines and the extraordinary stories of those women who escaped internment and help American POWs and those interned.

Theresa’s speciality is American women’s history at the...read more

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This 1960 documentary presents the US military operations in the Pacific during World War 2 against the Japanese, from Pearl Harbor and loss of the Philippines to the B-29 bases constructed on Saipan (1941-1943).

This 1960 documentary presents the US military operations in the Pacific...read more


The Battle of Leyte Gulf between Japanese and U.S. forces took place 70 years ago.

In 1959, reflecting on the Battle of Leyte Gulf from a distance of 15 years, TIME declared that the World War II engagement — between the Japanese navy and U.S. troops on and around the island of Leyte,...read more



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