Ray Wilton was just 19 years old when he participated in the June 6th D-Day landings on Gold beach. On that day he served on board a motor launch and was tasked with escorting the landing crafts through the German mines and right up on to the beach to help draw fire away from the landing troops...read more


This Drone video was shot by the RCTV.cz and shows the events of "D-DAY Normandy 70th anniversary" in 2014. The Normandy beaches are visited by thousands of tourists and reenactors every year. Of course, Normandy is an absolute highlight on the Liberation Route Europe. Take a look at this...read more

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Amanecer del 6 de junio de 1944, las aguas de la zona de Normandíaestaban cubiertas por una capa de niebla y en el ambiente reina una relativa calma. De repente, la niebla se levanta y el mar se encuentra repleto de todo tipo de barcos que se dirigen a la playa. Asustados los alemanes intentan...read more

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D-Day, 6th June 1944: the launch of Operation Overlord. The battle that began the liberation of Europe. The last moment the German Army might have rescued the fate of Adolf Hitler. The beginning of the end of the Second World War. D-Day is a date permanently etched in our nation's memory....read more

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The 1200m² museum showcases an important collection of uniforms, vehicles, personal objects, arms, weapons. Many reconsitutions of Amercian and German service life dive you into the heart of the D-day story permitting a peep into the daily lives of all those who landed to liberate us and to whom...(find out more)

Musée Mémorial d'Omaha Beach

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The Battle for Caen from June–August 1944 was a battle between Allied forces of the mainly Anglo-Canadian Second Army and German forces of Panzergruppe West during the Battle of Normandy. The Allies aimed to take the French city of Caen, one of the largest cities in Normandy, on D-Day. Caen was...read more

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