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 HQ Batallón) August 28, 2014

After almost a year, we are finally proud to present to you "A day into the Bulge". This is our first short film based on a true story during the battle of the Bulge, in the Ardennes in 1944. 
This film was shot with no budget (2000€) in the woods near Bastogne, where we can still find foxholes. 
All this was made thanks to all the people that helped us during the shooting. Without them we couldn't be here today ! We hope you will enjoy it, please share it as much as possible ! Next year we want to present "A day into the Bulge" in as much festivals as possible, so please help us to be known !

Directed by John Somers
Produced by Grégory Descamps

Clyde Anderson - Vincent Santamaria
John - Alessandro Perta
Sergent Hopkins - Sebastian Badarau
Edward - Vincent Doms

Quarter Master International (ww2 reproduction) - www.qmi.be
GSP2 - www.gsp2.be
Cox Orange - www.coxorange.be
Boulangerie Renard - www.patisserie-renard.com
Into the Wood - http://www.intothewood.be

Music by : Vincent Santamaria

Thanks to 
The Varans
Duty First
Les grenadiers du Rhein

All rights reserved - Synthesis Production.


(Source: Synthesis Production - Youtube)

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