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The V1 Flying Bomb replica display took place at Yealands Classic Fighters Show celebrated in Omaka. This year 2017 it was during the three-day Easter weekend of 14-16 April. It's a radio controlled model, 75 to 80% full size an powered by Electric ducted fans and LiPo batteries.

German flying bomb V1 was the first successful guided weapon. Far from the simple device it appears to be, the internal equipment included a magnetic compass, autopilot, range-setting and flight controls. Its pulse-jet motor pushed it at speeds of over 360 mph carrying a high explosive warhead of just under 2000 lbs. They were launched from ramps using steam catapults.

Almost 30,000 V-1s were made. Approximately 10,000 were fired at England; 2,419 reached London, killing about 6,184 people and injuring 17,981. The greatest density of hits were received by Croydon, on the south-east fringe of London. Antwerp, Belgium was hit by 2,448 V-1s from October 1944 to March 1945.


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