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After 70 years, World War II Pilot Flies the B-25 again! Col Hugh Maxwell, Jr. is a WWII U.S. Army Air Forces/Corps Veteran. During this conflict his highest achivied rank was Second Lieutenant. He was based in several location during his service: Orlando Air Force Base (AFB), Florida; Mitchell Field, New York; and French Morocco.

He was a member of 480th Antisubmarine Group, 3rd Reconnaissance Squadron. The veteran's duties included patrolling for submarines. He flew B-25 and B-24 bombers as a submarine hunter. 

The 480th Antisubmarine Group was awarded a Distinguished Unit Citation in 1944 for its actions from November 10, 1942 to October 28, 1943 that contributed to the winning of the Battle of the Atlantic. 

The AAF Antisubmarine Command made great use of the B-25 in 1942 and 1943. Many of the two dozen or so Antisubmarine Squadrons flew the B-25C, D and G series in the American Theater Antisubmarine campaign, often in the distinctive, white sea search camouflage.

At age 99, he takes the controls of his favorite aircraft, the B-25 with Tom Reilly, the owner and master warbird restoration specialist of Killer 'B'. 

This a partial segment that will appear in "Wings of Victory: Keeping Our Warbirds Flying," appearing on WDSC-TV in November 2015.


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