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An extensive examination of the phenomenon of World War II, from an historical, political and military perspective. Episodes guide:

  • Episode 1 - 13. "The Stumble to War".- The consequences of the Treaty of Versailles and the creation of the League of Nations - developments that left Europe politically unstable and allowed Hitler's ascendancy.
  • Episode 2 - 13. "The End of Illusion".- Neville Chamberlain's fateful `peace in our time' meeting with Adolf Hitler in 1938, and the German dictator's subsequent invasion of Poland.
  • Episode 3 - 12. "The War That Wasn't".- Churchill's rise to power after the so-called Phoney War in Europe, the period of history following the invasion of Poland in 1939, when neither the Allied nor the Axis forces were willing to engage in direct combat.
  • Episode 4 - 13. "A Kind of Victory".- Exploring the events that surrounded Winston Churchill's appointment as prime minister in May 1940, and how the surrender of France affected the British people.
  • Episode 5 - 13. "Time of Legend".- Documentary examining Hitler's plan to gain total air supremacy before dispatching his forces across the Channel to invade Britain.
  • Episode 6 - 13. "The World Shall Hold Its Breath".- How Rommel took command of the Afrika Korps, and an analysis of the German assault on the Soviet Union - the largest invasion force in human history.
  • Episode 7 - 13. "The Day of Infamy".- How the war became global when Japan attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbour, and the failure of Operation Barbarossa to conquer the Russian front due to heavy snow.
  • Episode 8 - 13. "Six Months to Run Wild".- Japan's prediction that the conflict would be over within six months, by when victory over America would be secured. Plus, Germany's continual blitz of Europe.
  • Episode 9 - 13. "The End of the Beginning".- Rommel's defeat at El Alamein, the Pacific liberation at Guadalcanal and Germany's humiliation at Stalingrad.
  • Episode 10 - 13. "The Beginning of the End".- The crushing defeat of the Germans at the Battle of Kursk, Mussolini's fall from power and the destruction of the Luftwaffe.
  • Episode 11 - 13. "Overlord".- The story of Operation Overlord, the allied invasion of Normandy. Plus, Germany's unleashing of the V weapons, and the Red Army's discovery of the atrocities committed at Auschwitz.
  • Episode 12 - 13. "Unconditional Surrender".- How Hitler's suicide and the liberation of the concentration camps made the German surrender inevitable, as the war in Europe came to an end.
  • Episode 13 - 13. "The Presence of History".- The dropping of atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which led to the end of both the Japanese imperial dream and the war itself.


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