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 HQ Batallón) November 16, 2014

The First Blitzkrieg is the start of what will be a series of games called Total War in Europe. Unit scale ranges from divisions to battalions, and includes air groups. Map scale is 10 kilometers per hex and two days per turn. Each game map is part of a greater Master Map, encompassing the whole of Europe and parts of North Africa and Western Asia with a quarter million hexes. The Master Map will be released with the final game in the series.

Features.- The First Blitzkrieg contains seventeen scenarios and campaigns from the invasion of Poland to the Fall of France. There are also hypothetical scenarios drawn from Operation SEA LION (the planned German invasion of Britain) and “what if” the Allies had taken the offensive against Germany in the autumn of 1939. Players have the opportunity to alter the course of history on both the operational and strategic level.

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