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On 22 August 1958 the wreck of U-843 was raised and broken up at Gothenburg in 1958/59. This U-Boat was sunk on 9 April 1945 in the Kattegat west of Gothenburg, by rockets from a British Mosquito aircraft (235 Sqn RAF/A). There was 44 dead and 12 survivors. These are the footage's details:

CU Pan, bows of the German U-boat submarine U-843, pan alongside of U-boat. CU Pan, side of U-Boat showing gun. CU Diver descending into the water, he discovered the wreck. SV The Norwegian Einar Hoevding, the man who salvaged the wreck. In the centre of picture without cap talking with other men. SV Wreck of the conning tower, pan to the Captain of the submarine. Captain Herwartz checking over plans for the salvage. SV Captain Herwartz in centre of picture with two other men looking over the plans. SV Pan, the deck of the submarine. The camera comes to a stop on the periscope which is undamaged. SV Section of the deck, pan up the conning tower. TV The hatch into the conning tower and a hand a hand comes into picture holding a dual light. CU From inside the conning tower of the light, which is switched on. TV of the inside of the conning tower as the light probes around. CU Captain Herwartz descending into the conning tower. CU Wreckage inside the sub. CU Captain Herwartz looking round inside sub. CU Wrecked controls. SV Captain Herwartz making his way into another compartment through mud and slush. CU Glove on the floor. SV Captain Herwartz going through into another compartment. CU Captain Herwartz picking out kitchen ladle from wreckage. CU Captain Herwartz searching. CU Shoe among slush. CU Captain Herwartz coming out of the conning tower, being helped out by another man. GV Elevated, pan along the deck of the submarine.


uboat.net | British Pathé (Youtube)

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