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It's an amazing walkaround thanks to Allen Benzing. He was nice enough to give us a detailed walkaround of the B-24 'Diamond Lil. This B-24 is very beautiful and is of the first LB-30 models, with the stubby nose and chunky fuselage. This B-24 is one of only two still flying in the world. The Commemorative Air Force has done a superb job in keeping this great piece of American History flying.

40-2366 Diamond Lil (formerly Ol' 927) - Commemorative Air Force (B-24/B-29 Squadron) in Addison, Texas This B-24 is number 18 off the assembly line, and is one of a handful of surviving early-war aircraft. Most notable about this aircraft is that it is the only surviving "A" model of the B-24, as the "A" was critically under-armed and under-armored. From the Commemorative Air Force's page on Diamond Lil, "On a training flight from Eagles Nest Airport, N.M., prior to its delivery to England, AM-927 experienced a landing accident. The damage was major enough that the aircraft had to be returned to San Diego for repairs. The plane was deleted from the order to be shipped to England and was converted to a transport aircraft. This was to be the prototype for the C-87 transport and AM-927 served as a flying test bed for further development of important B-24 features, such as modifying the control surfaces to help with lighter control forces for the pilots. For this reason, Diamond Lil was spared from the slaughter in Europe. 

In 1971, she was painted in the colors of the 98th BG and given the name Diamond Lil. During 2006-2007 the aircraft was reconfigured back to her B-24A/LB-30B roots and was given the Ol 927 nose art. In April of 2012, she was renamed back to Diamond Lil. The aircraft was involved in a nose-gear collapse upon landing at Charlotte-Douglas Airport in North Carolina on 26 May 2012. Damage was minimal and none of the 16 aboard were injured. She was featured in the film Beautiful Dreamer (2006).


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