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Various shots of the Armoured Division moving through valley near Medjez-el-Bab. Artillery firing. General Sir Harold Alexander watching from trench. Several ground to air shots of the Allied bombers flying across the sky to bomb the Germans. Various shots of the tanks and artillery firing. German tank is seen burning. German graveyard is seen in the foreground. Various shots of the infantry advancing. Various shots of the German soldiers surrendering to British.

Various shots of Allied tanks, lorries and other vehicles nearing and entering Tunis, crowd lined streets welcome the liberators. Various shots of German and Italian prisoners being herded up to get food. Air shot of Tunis Airport completely wrecked. Various air shots of Tunis. Various shots of the heavily bombed and damaged buildings around the port of Tunis. Several shots of the armoured vehicles in centre of the town. Various shots of the people running about as the last of the snipers are flushed out. German soldiers being rounded up and marched out of town. Various shots of Sherman tanks firing on a partly built building in which German snipers are still holding out. Various shots of more prisoners marching out. Various shots of the cheering crowd. Thousands of them greeting the liberating army - some vary good shots.




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