This wreck was an amazing finding. Its story was already shared on in December 2015. On this date, we had only images about discovery and about the initial restoration works. Today, thank you some Polish youtubers, we can enjoy new images about restoration process and about its displayed on the exterior of Museum of Polish Arms at Kołobrzeg in Poland.

(All pictures by Radosław Horanin)

Let us remember something about the finding, before watching three amazing footage about whole process. As in many similar cases, a combination of very good nose, good fortune, and passion by the history led to this significant discovery. In Abril, 2011, a local man named Jarosław Żejmo helped by local scrap collectors, found the place where had been buried, at a depth of 7 meters, an impressive German Panzer IV Ausf. J tank of World War II. The tank had stood there during more than seventy years. The location where took place this discovery was Stargard Kluczewo in Poland. 

It was a former German and then Soviet airport. Probably the tank went there, because the Soviets had stored the destroyed equipment during the fighting that took place in that airbase. The unearth action lasted several hours and was a very difficult task. This finding had been unique until date - said military historians; in Poland not had been yet found a complete tank of this type. In this case, it preserved most of the tank, as was reported by the Polish Radio Szczecin. 

After the dig out of the ground, the wreck came to Rogow. There, after cleaning, started its reconstruction. Five years later, in 2016 in Kluczewo the German Panzer IV returns to its original state. The German tank will be part of  Museum of Polish Arms collection. At the moment has been rebuilt 85 percent of the structure, but many parts are missing because the tank was blown up. Museum of Polish Arms plans to present the restored tank soon. This will be the only one in Poland, the original German medium tank commonly used by the German army during World War II.

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