Me163B “Komet” was the world’s only operational rocket-powered interceptor. Me163B had tremendous speed and climb rate thanks to its unique power source, so it’s hard to be intercepted by allied fighters during powered flight. But its high speed also resulted in difficulty to shoot accurately during a very short shooting time period, and hence Me163Bs gained very limited victories.


This 1/32 scale Messerschmitt Me163B Komet Rocket-Powered Interceptor plastic model kit faithfully represents its small tail-less shape. Subassemblies like engine, T-Stoff tank and ammunition box are included. Many hatches can be built either in open or closed position. Model fuselage breakdown refers to the structure of real aircraft. No cement is needed to join the front and rear parts of fuselage, and a support frame is provided to show interior details. Three painting schemes are provided.

Total length: 178mm   width: 292mm


  • Reviewed by James Hatch.- Well, we've certainly waited a few decades for another 1:32 Komet to be released in mainstream injection plastic form, but has it been worth it? A resounding 'YES'! The whole package is of the high quality we have now come to expect with Meng releases, and for their first foray into 1:32, this is an exceptional release, teeming with detail and buildability. It's great to see this aircraft finally released in a format for which you can really respect the architecture of the real thing. With the rear fuselage section removed, you can look into the fuselage of the Komet and see the engine, tanks etc. The detail is both refined and superbly executed, and the engineering is intuitive. Some clever engineering enables you to be able to pose the model split into two, without the need for ugly locating pips. All I can say is 'what a fabulous kit', and I really can't wait to start her. I see myself ordering one of these myself, to satisfy a cunning plan I have ;-). VERY highly recommended... (se more at:
  • Reviewed by Brett Green .- Meng has completely blown away its 1970s era competition with this new 1/32 Messerschmitt Me 163. It really occupies a different detail universe to Hasegawa’s kit. Meng’s 1/32 scale Komet enjoys convincing and restrained surface textures, excellent detail including full engine bay, gun bays and ammo feeds, optional position control surfaces including the underwing speed brakes, and the ability to join and separate the forward and aft fuselage halves at will. The inclusion of the stands for the separated fuselage halves is a nice touch too. This is a great kit that will stand proudly alongside the best of today’s models, and is certainly a worthy tribute to a unique and important aircraft. Advantages: Excellent mouldings; high level of detail including full engine and weapons; optional position rudder, elevons and landing flaps; fine recessed panel detail; very clear canopy parts; fuselage may be display in separate front and rear halves (stands supplied) high quality Cartograf decals.Disadvantages: Separate canopy frame; vinyl tyres. Conclusion: Meng's 1/32 scale Messerschmitt Me 163 B is a welcome and dramatic upgrade from the old Hasegawa kit, and a very impressive debut in this scale. Highly Recommended... (see more at:
  • Reviewed by Darren Baker.- I have to say I am really looking forward to building this model as it does scream “build me”, with the lack of obvious issues just increasing my enthusiasm for it. The only possible issues being the lack of clarity concerning the canopy being displayed in an open position, and the possibility of issues in some cases with the flow lines. Having built one of the MENG armoured kits I have to say that this aircraft model impresses me to a much higher degree and I have absolutely no concerns about very highly recommended it to you. I hope you will all follow the Blog that I plan to start very soon. All i have to do now is save up for a suitable resin pilot stood by or entering the aircraft. Highs: The high mark of this model for me is the number of display options available.Lows: The only low that causes me any concern is how to accurately position and display the canopy in an open position.Verdict: Very highly recommended... (see more at:






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