The sheer numbers of German soldiers and civilians surrendering to the Americans to avoid capture by the Soviets were staggering. Before VE Day, the 2nd Infantry Division captured over 23,000 German soldiers; after VE-Day, they accepted the surrender of some 52,000 soldiers. By nightfall on 9 May, Combat Command A of the 4th Armored had over 54,000 German soldiers and civilians within its lines, and estimated that another 275,000 had been halted outside their lines. In fact, the number of Germans awaiting capture was so enormous that the combat command had to use captured German staff officers to co-ordinate the movements of Germans to the American lines. On 10 May alone, V Corps units took over 55,000 German prisoners. Between 9 and 13 May, Third Army took over half a million prisoners throughout its zone of operations.



Petr Warry PetrW (Youtube) | The Liberation of Western Czechoslovakia 1945 by Bryan J. Dickerson - | BGPsirewolf

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