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 HQ Batallón) February 26, 2015

The Tank, Cruiser, Mk VI or A15 Crusader was one of the primary British cruiser tanks of the early part Second World Warand perhaps the most important British tank of the North African Campaign. The Crusader's mobility made it a favourite of British tank crews and once upgraded with the Ordnance QF 6 pounder main gun made it more than a match for the early Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks it faced in combat... (see more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/).

The Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine was an infantry tank produced in the United Kingdom during the Second World War. More than 8,000 of the type were produced in eleven marks, plus various specialised variants, accounting for approximately a quarter of wartime British tank production.,, (see more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/).

Now, you can see these amazing tanks at parades and festivals:

  • Tankfest 2008: Crusader Tank.
  • War and peace show 2009: Valentine amphibious Tank.
  • Tankfest 2010: Valentine Infantry Tank.


http://en.wikipedia.org/ - TheKnatan (Youtube)

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