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During the 17-18th of June a T-34/76 model 1943 was lifted from its peat and silt grave. The tank was located and salvaged in the Cherkassy region in the Ukraine by a "Red Star" group of enthusiasts from Kiev in 2008. Photographs and footage of the Soviet T-34/76 medium tank show the process of excavation of this tank, which is salvaged from the marshland. This T-34 was most likely lost during a counter attack against the German units trying to reach the Korsun pocket in February 1944.

The Korsun–Shevchenkovsky Offensive led to the Battle of the Korsun–Cherkasy Pocket which took place from 24 January to 16 February 1944. The offensive was part of the Dnieper–Carpathian Offensive. In it, the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Fronts, commanded, respectively, by Nikolai Vatutin and Ivan Konev, trapped German forces of Army Group South in a pocket near the Dnieper River. During weeks of fighting, the two Red Army Fronts tried to eradicate the pocket. The encircled German units broke out in coordination with a relief attempt by other German forces, with "roughly two out of three" encircled men succeeding in escaping the pocket,[17] "and almost one third of their men ... dead or prisoners."

Soviet T-34/76 tank raises from the mud. This was a real time capsule, from the contents of the tools box to the full ammo load and the man's socks.


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