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This StuG with Fahrgestellnumber 90678 was assigned to Sonderverband 288 with three other StuGs and send to Creece, these four StuGs were later send to North Africa, but only three made it after one of them fell of the dock while loading.
In North Africa the three moved out into the dessert with the DAK. One of the StuGs (probably 90678) did some scouting and was quickly chased down by several Bren Carriers, the crew pannicked and abandoned the StuG.
The other two were also abandoned after they ran out of fuel some time in November of 1942.
This StuG and another one was send back to the UK for testing and 90678 ended up in the Pirbright fire range, it was later recoverd by Bob fleming and sold to Kevin Wheatcroft,
it was then traded for a original Schwimmwagen and restored by Jon Phillips.


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