This tank liberated Surovikino town in the end of 1942. In 2011 this tank was lifted from a river bed and it was brought, restored and displayed at the Museum of Stalingrad Battle.

The tank was part of the 10 T-34/76 who fought in the district of Surovikino 6 of which were destroyed in the fightingand. It was hit/destroyed while crossing the river crashing into the town area which lies between the wheels and the track penetrating the armor by Germans in the small local river. His entire crew was killed instantly by the explosion of the ammunition wagon. The internal explosion blew the turret into the air and much of its superstructure leaving only the chassis.

Divers failed twice in their attempts to save the tank from its resting place, a T-34/76 that participated in the Battle of Stalingrad. With this bailout was intended to preserve this relic of World War II scrap hunters and objects of the war.

The tank was buried under a thick layer of mud heaped on him for nearly 70 years complicating rescue efforts. The engineers involved in the rescue inside various objects found in his crew. It became necessary two hours of hard work for the car began to emerge from the background and be visible.



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