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The rugged terrain of the Hürtgen Forest was the scene of a long, bloody, drawn-out battle during World War II, often referred to as the Battle of Hürtgen Forest, which took place over three months during a very cold winter from 19 September 1944 to 10 February 1945. Along a road that rises from the Kall River Valley to the town of Schmidt, there is still a length of tank track that melted into the road after a U.S. armored vehicle was hit and burned there.

The Waffen SS often fought along side other German Regiments the fighting was often bitter and with now limited equipment and ammo - regiments were being daily reduced in size.

Towards the end "The Hitler Youth" defended Berlin. The Seigfried Line , where the film is depicted, (Schlacht im Hürtgenwald) as well as the "Hürtgen Forest" were such places where these Germans' Forces fought hard together.

The Film portrays this well and gives a " daily account " in the eyes of a young German solider.

This film is a short sample preview of whats available to see at The Victory Show UK. This trailer is only for a forthcoming WW2 Film in Autumn 2016. It's filmed in 4K SUHD.

They are a 8K S-UHD Cinema Film Company – and this trailer is for a forthcoming Cinema 8K Film

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