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Nice clean exterior and interior. Drives and steers very well, 892 Detroit Diesel engine fitted for easy maintenance. Road wheels as new, tracks good and serviceable. $290 000 USD will buy, but may consider WWII American Armour or Sherman M4 Tank restoration project as part trade. 

Serious buyers only please! More information, pictures and video of tank running available on request at: www.milweb.net

About the Grant tank:

The M3 Medium Tank, also known as the General Lee or the General Grant, was used by the United States and Great Britain during World War II.

The Lee and Grant names come from the type of turret used on the tank, if it was American made, then it was called a Lee, if the turret was made in Britain, then it was called a Grant tank. If it was a Lee version, it had a crew of seven, if it was a Grant version, then it had a crew of six.

The main 75 mm armament was housed in a casemate on the right hand side of the tank. On top, there was another turret with a 37 mm gun, on which was a cupola for the commander with two machine guns. This created a horrid disadvantage, as it made for a very high silhouette. In total, the M3 had four machine guns mounted throughout the tank. Another disadvantage caused by the mounting of the tank's armament was that the 75mm could only fire forwards with a traverse of 30˚. To engage targets to its left or right, an M3 would need to stop and turn to whatever direction came the threat, wasting precious time and generally bringing issues. The M3 Lee/Grant I also had a 340 bhp petrol Wright R-975 engine capable of propelling it at speeds of up to 42 km/h.

The total length of the M3 was 5.64 meters, the width 2.72 meters, and the height 3.12 meters. Armor protection varied from 12 mm to 57 mm, and was of both riveted and cast assembly. The maximum range of the M3 was 195 kilometers

The M3 Medium Tank saw most of its service with Allied units in North Africa with successful in its early combat experiences in 1942. In Pacific, the Lee served Indian forces well, easily defeating light Japanese tank designs. The only combat operation with American forces meanwhile would be on the island of Tarawa. On the Eastern Front, Lend-Lease Lees were heavily disliked for the tank's high profile and weak armor. In total, of the 6,258 M3s produced by the U.S., 2,855 M3s were supplied to the British Army, and about 1,386 to the Soviet Union. [Via 1, 2]


www.milweb.net | world-war-2.wikia.com | thebrigade.com

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