Two World War II Tanks for restorers and reenactors: 1944 Sherman M4 and Chaffee M24. Its a dream for both of them! Don't miss your chance!

  • Sherman M4, 1944

Very rare Sherman M4 WW2 tank, for restoration including many hard to find spares, battle damaged turret, complete second hull, commanders copola, battle damaged M34 gun mount with either firefly main gun deactivated or 75mm gun barrel deactivated, and many more. 

  • Chaffee M24 historic tank 1944

Pristine condition restoration tank, year of manufacture 1944, very rare 3 digit serial number,one of the very first built,very complete with deactivated original 75mm gun and gun mount, extremely complete inside with all hard to find accessories, tracks and road wheels close to brand-new condition, 2 each taken out Cadillac V8 original power packs to be restored with the specific hydramatic automatic transmissions for M24 tank ,2 each radiators and oil radiator included .All armor complete,uncut and original, tank comes with ST Etienne Banc d'Epreuve official deactivation certificate.

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