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The M36 emerged in 1944 as the “only American weapon that could consistently be counted on to knock out a Tiger". As a testament of the success of the M36, a month after the landings in Normandy, “The European Theater of Operations requested that all battalions equipped with the M10 be converted to the M36".

M36 Jackson for sale! [Via]

The M36 GMC was an upgrade of its predecessor the M10 GMC. While the same in most ways, with increased armor values, it featured a new turret and mounted the formidable 90 mm gun as its main armament, the most powerful vehicle weapon which would be carried by American forces in Europe. A prototype was originally constructed in 1942, as an experiment, and the design was standardised in June 1944.

90mm Gun Motor Carriage M36, 9–108 mmm of armor. speed 48 km on roads. off roads was 42 km [Via]

The 90 mm could take on any German tanks in the late-war period of World War II, and its employment was so urgent that several regular M4 Shermans were converted to mount the new gun. The M36 served with its other tank destroyer brothers the M10 and M18 during the rest of the war, but its 90 mm gave it a vast increase in firepower. It proved more than capable of countering heavy tanks – it was recorded as disabling a Panther tank at 3,200 yards – and its roots in the M10 meant that it possessed greater survivability than the M18.

M36 Gun Motor Carriage in Bitburg, February 1945 [Via]

A total of 2,324 vehicles manufactured from November 1943 through September 1945. The M36 lived on to serve in the Korean War, and seen in many different conflicts as recent as 1991 in Yugoslavia.

M36 Jackson for sale! [Via]

The US Army assigned it the nickname Jackson in 1944 to honor the Confederate general of the American Civil War, but this name did not see use during the war, and only became popular decades later in the 1970s.

M36 Jackson for sale! [Via]

This 1944 M36 'Jackson'  for sale comes directly from NATO's army reserve stock. It's original uncut hull and turret. It was upgraded by the Yugoslav Army to 500HP T55 diesel engine. It starts runs and drives. It has a live 90mm gun - uncut - but can be demilled on request. Original turret functions complete and turret rotates electrically.

M36 Jackson for sale! [Via]

Delivery and export available. It's available to be viewed near Ashford, Kent (UK). Priced for quick sale. Please e mail for further information:

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