The 3.7-cm Pak 35/36 was the standard German anti-tank gun at the outbreak of WWII, more than 15,000 such weapons had been completed in Germany by 1941, and although its penetrative performance was not particularly good, its mobility and ease of concealment made it a usefull weapon and it was mounted for close support onto halftracks and light truck.  It is reported that the excellent design of the then typical anti-tank gun exerted a great influence on the progress of anti-tank guns in the Soviet Union, United States, and Japan.

This anti tank gun was a light and low gun that was at first issued to all arms of the Wehrmacht. In 1940 a tungsten granate (pzgr 40) was developed but this was available in small quantities, this improved kills against most Russian tanks accept the T34. But only from close range and at the rear of the tank, still a deadly job. In 1943, the introduction of the Stielgranate 41 shaped charge meant that the Pak 36 could now penetrate any armour, although the low velocity of the projectile limited its range. It had a combat effective range to 200 meters. This rocket type projectile had to be inserted into the barrel from the front, often a hazardous task. From 1942 it was slowly replaced by the PAK 38.

The Pak 36s, together with the new shaped charges, were issued to Fallschirmjäger units and other light troops. The gun’s low weight meant that it could be easily moved by hand, and this mobility made it ideal for their purpose.

This is an all original absolutely mint condition Anti Tank Gun, ALL Numbers Match including the breach, comes with original Tool Kit , Cleaning Rod , Sight and Scope. The Breach is all original Un- Molested and fully operational and the gun has the Aluminum Trales. This is truly a one on a kind Museum piece. Not rebuilt , Not Restored But an Original.

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  • Location : Rodgers, Arkansas 72758 (USA)

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