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 HQ Batallón) October 30, 2015

A rare opportunity to purchase what was one of the first M8's to hit the collectors market. Purchased by its current owner in the late 1980's this M8 had seen little to no use since being comprehensively refurbished by the Italian Army.

It was then restored to its current condition in the late 1990's. This vehicle was not a basket case like some being restored today, there is little to no pitting internally as you see with so many of these vehicles. Mechanically it is in great condition and everything on the vehicle works as it should. It also benefits from a new manufacture aluminium fuel tank, eliminating issues with the rubber break down in original tanks. The 37mm gun is an original barrel (deact) with a resin breech.

The 30 and 50 cal machine guns are not included, but all skates, mounts, tools and other accessories are. Currently fitted with an incorrect radio, this can be included or removed as per individual requirements. Located in; Bridgnorth, Shropshire. 

Price; £35,000 - More information at: www.milweb.net

About M8 Armored Car

The 37mm M3 anti-tank gun was the the U.S. Army's standard anti-tank weapon at the beginning of WWII. In July 1941, Ford and Fargo were given orders to develop a vehicle which incorporated a low silhouette, 37mm gun, six wheel drive, high mobility, and good speed.

While the vehicle was intended as a tank destroyer, battlefield reports indicated that the 37mm gun was no longer successful against thicker German armor. Reconnaissance units still needed a fast vehicle, however, so development continued. Eventually the T22 made by Ford was selected. Some improvements were made, and it went into production as the M8 light armored car.

Augmenting the 37mm main gun was a .50 M2 HB machine gun on a simple pintle mount at the rear of the turret. The cavalry squadrons wanted a full 360 degree arc of fire, so a M49 ring mount was installed. The crew of the M8 consisted of the driver and assistant driver in the front hull, and gunner and commander/loader in the turret.


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