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They have both, Sherman M4A4 hull and 17pdr Firefly turret. The Restoration was started a number of years ago. It was a ex Littlefield collection. All welding and hull repairs were completed. Hull was sandblasted and painted in a working coat. Six NOS wheel stations and wheels fitted to the hull. Turret is mostly complete and as is with correct turret ring, gun mount, some hatches, and cut down 17 pdr gun.

The owner says it is a Superb project, What you see is what you get. Build yourself a Firefly! For just £75,000 GBP

More information at: www.milweb.net - Carl Brown - C&C Military Ltd: 07889 127720 - email: ccmilitaryservices@btinternet.com

Sherman M4A4 Firefly

The Sherman Firefly was a British variation of the M4 Sherman tank, fitted with the more powerful 17 pounder main gun. It was to add anti-tank capability. The Firefly became operational in British armored divisions in 1944, as they prepared for the Normandy invasion.  The Firefly was among the few Allied tanks that could successfully take on the Panther and Tiger tanks. While the Firefly was no more well-armored than other M4 versions, the 17 pounder AT gun offered far better performance than the standard 75 mm gun, which had been chosen for the infantry support role. Using the regular APC round, the gun could penetrate the front armor of a Tiger I at over 1,000 meters.  With the more advanced rounds such as the APCBC and APDS that became common towards the end of war, it could penetrate a Tiger at over 2,000 meters.

The majority of Fireflies were converted from the Sherman V, the M4A4 Sherman. Fireflies were highly effective during the campaign in northwestern Europe between D-Day and V-E Day. A 1944 British armored squadron - equivalent to a US company - had one Firefly per troop (platoon) of 4 Shermans.



Wikipedia | www.milweb.net

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