This is a Bell P-39Q-20-BE fighter aircraft from the second world war, this aircraft was delivered to the US Army Air Forces in the Pacific in 1942 and was mainly used for combat patrols, armed reconnaissance and attacking Japanese troops and shipping on Guadalcanal with the 347th Fighter Group, 68th Fighter squadron, piloted by USAAF Captain William Sever who later fought on in Korea and Vietnam before retiring a Colonel.

The aircraft had 37 bombing missions painted on the side of the cab but also had an unknown number of Japanese flags symbolizing aircraft kills that were cut out by an unknown person prior to recovery. 

The Cobra's serial number is AAF 44-3106 (44 being the fiscal year only as it was made in 42). the panel depicting the kills is not included in the project.

The project consists of lots of parts including but not limited to:

  • P-39Q-20 44-3106 main body and cabin, still full of assemblies and mounts, rudder pedals and hangers etc, comes with partial nose section but was cut off in de mil
  • 1 x wing complete
  • 1 x wing broken in sections
  • 1 x tail section de riveted (patterns)
  • 1 x extra horizontal stabilizer cut in half
  • 1 x full set of exhausts
  • 1 x full set of landing gear legs (2 x mains, 1 x nose)
  • 2 x prop spinners and backing plates
  • 2 x gearboxes
  • 1 x damaged prop (can straighten for static)
  • 2 x extra wing tips
  • 1 x set of brakes
  • 1 x air scoop+panel
  • 2 x gear leg doors
  • multiple fuselage panels
  • various access panels
  • various wing skins
  • 37mm ammo magazines
  • stainless exhaust shrouds
  • nos gun mounts
  • lower instrument panel
  • r/h instrument panel
  • pilots seat
  • gun sight, some instruments
  • drive shafts
  • some armor plating
  • drive shafts
  • front armor glass frame
  • rear armor glass frame
  • front quarter perspex window
  • a full set of engineering drawings

Lots of small parts etc etc way too many parts to list, plus access to repro parts as i make them for my projects and access to other pattern material after i am done with it.

This project is being sold to help with funding in the restoration of other P-39 aircraft and to free up space.

New cabin doors and wing flaps are currently being made for my other P-400 / P-39 projects and new / rebuilt parts can be made available to the purchaser of this project.

I currently have every part to make this aircraft airworthy again, including nos center sections, rudders, elevators, electric motors etc and can provide copies of parts if a rebuild progresses to that stage.

The aircraft is located in Australia and i will load in to a container and ship World wide FREE at the buy now price.

With only two P-39 aircraft airworthy anywhere in the world, this is an extremely rare and valuable aircraft with a documented combat history, it shows clear bombing mission markings and the removal of Japanese flags show it has shot down enemy aircraft, so serious bidders only please.

More information and pics on Ebay


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