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It is considered one of the best light tanks in 1935, being armed with a 37 mm cannon, and powered by a diesel engine, a fuel considered by some to be superior due to its low volatility. On these footage you can watch a Ha-Go light tank running tests before Khalkhin-Gol reenactment on the Motors of War 2012 show, 22.06.2012. It's one of two Ha-Go in running condition, restored from wrecks of 11-th Tank Regiment tank, Shumshu, Kuriles Islands.

Best japanese tank but useless. Remember Japan never had really any tank vs. tank engagements during and before the war, most other countries in Asia had none/few tanks, which were fairly outdated. They had a few large battles with tanks involved which resulted in the development of Shinhoto and more advanced designs.

Yeah but still, Japan used the Chi-Ha primarily throughout the entire war, later upgrading to the slightly better Chi-He. Still useless against T-34's and Shermans. It was supposed to be a reconnaissance tank and infantry support (that 37mm was basically a Licensed Puteaux cannon in the turret). It really wasn't meant for tank on tank fighting.


Yuri Pasholok (youtube)

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