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The wreck lies in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean some 470 miles west of Brest at a depth of 4,790 meters (15,700 feet). 

According to kbismarck.com the hull rests upright embedded in mud that covers the keel to about the level of the ship's designed waterline. Despite of the heavy shell and torpedo damage that the British inflicted on the battleship and the obvious effects of the sinking itself, the wreck is in surprisingly good condition. Few other shipwrecks are as well preserved as the Bismarck, and, except for the last 35 feet of the stern (frame 10.5) that broke away, the hull is intact. The main battery turrets dropped off the hull due to their own weight as the ship rolled over and sank, and they are now upside-down on the bottom. But the secondary battery turrets and most anti-aircraft guns are still there in their proper location. Both the forward and after conning tower, and the bridge, though heavily damaged, are with the hull, too, and the propellers are clearly visible. In the debris field that surrounds the hull, other parts of the battleship can be found such as the foremast, the mainmast, the funnel, rangefinders, etc.

Considering the fact that on most parts of the decks the wooden teak planking is still conserved, and even the paint, it is most likely that the wreck will resist the effects of the corrosion for at least a few hundred years if not more.


Schlachtschiff Bismarck - Youtube - http://www.kbismarck.com/

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