This film was filmed and produced in under 2 hours. The weather rained on and off then turned very cold wintry with Heavy rain. They had no script or was it planned. This SS Waffen Division just wanted a film shot quickly - hence the above. They are KSK SS Group.

They are a accurate Living History Group dedicated to the history & living of the Waffen SS during 1944-45. They are one of the premier groups in the UK re-enactment scene. KSK portray elements of the Leibstandarte Division of the Waffen SS. KSK main portrayal is that of the Panzer Grenadiers of the 6th Kompanie - Battle hardened and experienced in the art of warfare. Other elements include a Feldgendarmerie (Field police), Sanni (Medical) unit, Kriegsberichter (War correspondent) and a Stabs (Command) section.

The film has been made by They are a 8K S-UHD Cinema Film Company.

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