They aren't World War II warbirds, but played an important role in Battle of Britain movie. "Rare warbirds to depart Edwards Ranch" this is the titlle used by Dave Hirschman to tell us the story of the irascible former movie pilot who made a fortune in the oil business has added to his vast inventory of mostly World War II-era fighters, seaplanes, and surplus parts for more than a half century. Now, he’s decided to sell many of them—but only on his own nonnegotiable terms. His article is very interesting and tells us the amount of warbirds which Edwards and how he got them.

Photography by Chris Rose [Via]

Edwards Ranch stored a lot of warbirds, like a dozen Messerschmitt Bf 109s (technically Spanish-built HA-1112 Buchons), Heinkel He 111 (CASA 2.111) bombers—and, of course, British Spitfires and Hurricanes. There’s also a P-51 Mustang and two PBY Catalinas among other rare relics. Even he was owner of a P-38 Lightning and an F-4U Corsair, which were donated to the Experimental Aviation Association and now they are displayed at the EAA museum in Oshkosh.

Photography by Chris Rose [Via]

You can read the full article on  I leave some stunning photographies by Chris Rose and one amazing video of Edwards Ranch's report made by AOPA Live.



Photography by Chris Rose [Via]


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