Should be  remember that this is 1930's engine technology (and air cooled), which means that these beast were mechanically noisier than their watercooled cousins from the same era.

The Fieseler Fi 156 Storch was a small German liaison aircraft built by Fieseler before and during World War II. It remains famous to this day for its excellent STOL performance.

This Fi 156 No. 2088 was built in 1943 by Fieseler Werke GMBH. It is a rare survivor of the early A-model. Regrettably, as is often the case with Luftwaffe aircraft, details of its wartime career are as yet unknown. 

As was the case with many Storch, the aircraft had a long post-war career as a French glider tug. Acquired as a basket case by RLM Aviation Fairoaks, its restoration was well advanced when ownership passed to Peter Holloway in December 06. 

After being fully restored the aircraft made its maiden flight on 11th March 2009.

Photo courtesy of Stefan Trzeciak


stefan trzeciak (Flickr) | | Wings (Youtube)

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