The sound off two DB603s with the whine of the supper charger is cool! The best Luftwaffe Destroyer, but again, she came too late to have any impact on the war, and also the Me-410 the last of its kind! This is an amazing aircraft with amazing sound! Fantastic video of this rare piece in aviation! This video was filmed at RAF St Athan South Wales in 1988. 

Brief history about this Messerschmidt Me.410A-1/U2 Luftwaffe.-  

Built late 43 "PD+VO" - "3U+AK" - I/ZG.26 "3U+CC" - captured Vaerlose, Denmark 05/45 - painted as "Air Min V-2" - flown to Kastrup 20/08/45 force landed with one engine on fire - flown to Schleswig 03/10/45 - flown to RAE Farnborough 13/10/45 - AM.72 - 6 MU Brize Norton 28/12/45 - 76 MU Wroughton 14/08/46 - 47 MU Sealand - RAF Stanmore Park 49 - 15 MU Wroughton late 55 - RAF Fulbeck c.58 - RAF Cosford early 60 "CC" - RAFM Hendon c.11/75 "Wings of the Eagle" temporary display - RAFM Cosford c.06/76 - allocated 8483M 16/02/76 - St.Athan Museum 20/11/85 - RAFM Cosford 20/12/89 - current


Ian Macrae (Youtube)

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