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This rare colour video shows a Luftwaffe fighter that made a successful crash landing in the late stages of World War Two. The Messerschmitt BF 109 aircraft, marked with the number ‘3’, lies intact following its wheels-up landing behind allied lines. Footage shows the crashed German plane being inspected by US soldiers. This clip is the much longer and clear clip of the crash site and yes there are two ME 109,s in this film clip, Doc Furniss from the 92nd Bomb Group filmed this with a hand held 16 mm camera

According to one commenter, “…this crash occurred very late in the war when a German pilot who did not want to be captured by the Russians, flew his BF 109 west and crash landed on an open field in order to surrender to the more friendly Americans.”

The Messerschmitt was one of thousands of aircraft destroyed or forced to crash land during the conflict. Many planes forced down in enemy territory were melted down and recycled, their metal ironically used in the production of new bombers employed to wipe out German aircraft factories and other manufacturing capabilities.


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