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This German Panzerkampfwagen V "Panther" Ausf. D is on displayed on a pedestal at the Wilhelminapark in Breda, The Netherlands. This Model D Panther is a very rare type, This is the only Panther Ausf D left in the world. The tank was donated by the 1st Polish Armoured Division to the people of Breda. They liberated this town in 1944. 

A successful outflanking manoeuvre planned and performed by General Maczek, Polish 1st Armoured Division's Commander, allowed the liberation of the city of Breda without any civilian casualties on 29 October 1944.

The origin of the tank is unknown, it is however speculated it came from the Meppen army testing ground, as For the Record reported. This Panther Ausf. D was brandnew and never seen any action and was taken from the Krupp factory in Meppen by Polish soldiers, and driven to Breda and then left there as a gift for the city of Breda .

The Panther was restored in 2004 by Kevin Wheatcroft (famous British renovator and owner of a private tank collection) in exchange for the engine and gearbox because the inside was still intact and complete. Practically all parts of the tank are overhauled and preserved by a special coating. Also, the tank is placed on a pedestal to protect the bottom from moisture. 

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