Stugs always seem to have such a smooth sounding engine compared to other tanks. Stugs the Germans were really harsh against many of the Russian and American tanks, so they did it successfully after the second world war, oh yes these are good tanks infantry support!

Stug III was remarkable tank destroyer. I think I'm right if I say it's ONLY WWII tank destroyer that was effective in terms of costs and damage it done. Production ratio vs kill ratio of Nazi and Soviet tanks shows the real overall kill ratio is around 1:2. The Soviets were pretty impressed with the mechanical design of the PzKpfw III. A well thought out pre war seriously thought out design not rushed by war. The Russians wondered why the German designers did not just size up this system for larger and heavier tanks. Avoiding the issues with interleaved roadwheels and  transmission issues that the Panthers, Tigers, and Tiger IIs experienced.




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