It was one of the few vehicles designed in the ’30s, which saw combat time in WWII. This original White Scout Car M3A1, Serial No. 219715, Ordinance No` 320 makes it a pre- production model dating from 1939. Probably, it be the oldest known to exist. Production of the M3A1 began in June of 1939 and ended in 1944, with 20,918 vehicles built. 


During World War II, the US Army and other countries used this armored car in traditional cavalry roles, such as reconnaissance, scouting and screening, including patrol; also as an armored command vehicle. In addition, countries as Soviet Union used them as gun tractor. As well, the British and French Army used them as observation vehicles for field artillery observers, as ambulances too.

The M3A1 could carry up to seven infantry and provide fire support with three machine guns - one .50 caliber (12.7 mm) and two .30 caliber (7.62 mm) - mounted on a skate rail around the hull. In spite of it, the drawbacks of the design were evident. It had its top open, and its mobility off-road was poor, like its armament. That was why, during 1943, most US Army units replaced the M3A1 with the M8 armored car and similar M20 Utility Car.  


During the last 15 years, his owner has made a complete ground up restoration, and it's in fantastic condition, he says. Starts on the button and requires zero work. All guns, boxes , mounts, skates are included. The engine is as smooth as silk as is the running gea 

It's very famous in Wartime shows. Good example of its pristine condition is that it has won "Best of Show" several times at the old "War & Peace. It can be viewed in Kent and also at the "New War and Peace Revival" show on the N44 encampment.

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