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This is probably the most impressive available guncam footage available of a cannon armed Ju-87. Although NOT stated in the footage the Stukas mounting these guncams were part of a experimental combat unit named "Panzerjagdkommando Weiss" (Tank hunting commando Weiss) which had Ulrich Rudel assigned to it as commander. They were taken in February 1943 at the Black Sea in Russia, during the battle of the Kuban Bridgehead.

The Stukas are D-3 models NOT G-2 models mounting two large caliber BK (Bordkanone) 3.7cm AT guns. Famous for their tank killing capabilities their first REAL use was against Soviet shipping and landing craft in Feb. 43. Rudel alone destroying over 70 of these vehicles in this month. Guncam footage is from this unit. Cannon armed Stukas (then designated G-1) were only send to regular squadrons in October 43. The footage itself is most impressive. The sensible fuzes of the high-explosive 3.7 shells (used during these attacks) get triggered just by hitting the water resulting in HUGE fountains of water..1-2 hits were enough to blow up a landing craft...anyway..see for yourself .. turn speakers up and enjoy.




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