Very cool & RARE promo for the XP-67 "Bat", or "Moonbat". Like so many of these aircraft that "Pushed the boudaries" in the late 1940s & 1950s, the aircraft suffered from being underpowered, and never made it past the prototype stage. She was a ball to fly above 250 mph at altitude, but was quite skidish at lower speeds, with difficult recovery time, and bad stall characteristics due to the low aspect ratio wing, and underpowered engines.

Surely the airplane would have been a real "Bomb" given powerful enough engines. As it was, I don't think she could outpace a P-51 Mustang

The McDonnell XP-67 "Bat" was a prototype for a twin-engine, long-range, single-seat interceptor aircraftfor the United States Army Air Forces. Although the design was conceptually advanced, it was beset by numerous problems and never approached its anticipated level of performance. The project was cancelled after the sole completed prototype was destroyed by an engine fire.




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