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This video shows six of the world's flyable restored Republic P-47 Thunderbolt fighters. The following five Thunderbolts are seen flying in formation during the 2005 Planes of Fame Museum airshow at Chino, California. That was quite a sight (and sound) having five Thunderbolts in the air at one time!

  1. P-47D NX47RP "Big Chief"
  2. P-47D NX647D "Wicked Wabbit"
  3. P-47D NX47DF 
  4. P-47D NX9246B "Hun Hunter XVI"
  5. P-47G N3395G "Spirit of Atlantic City NJ"

The sixth Thunderbolt, P-47D NX147PF "No Guts, no Glory!" (with the checkerboard cowling) is seen in the close-up taxiing sequence.


octane130 (Youtube)

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