Malbork is a town in northern Poland. During World War II this area of the world was part of Germany West Prussia. In recent decades numerous mass graves have been unearthed in the area. In January of 2009 a discovery of over 1800 bodies and human remains were discovered in Malbork. 

Refugees passed through Malbork while fleeing the Soviets. Until then, Malbork was the German town of Marienburg, and the authorities believe the dead men, women and children buried together here were inhabitants of the city, along with refugees from places farther east, such as Königsberg, now Kaliningrad, fleeing the devastating Soviet counterattack that would eventually capture Berlin.  

The first skeletons were found by construction workers. It was a mystery, but clear that the victims were subject to a massacre. They were buried with no clothes and many had gunshot wounds to the head. The bodies had been completed raided. The majority of the archeologists, scientists, and historians that have studied the site agree that the bodies are probably German citizens of the town of Malbork that were massacred during the Russian advance in 1945. Many of these battles were violent, as the Russian’s murdered and raped any German citizen in their way.

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