Another quiet night for the RAF with only 51 bombers in the air on minelaying operations at Texel, Frisian Islands, Heligoland and the Baltic Sea. 27 Lancasters from 5 BG flew to the Baltic Sea, and R5679 was the only loss over enemy territory. The British service that listened to radio communication later stated that the plane had been shot down by a German night fighter from III/NJG from Grove. The German radar station "Rabe" near Randers was acknowledged as having a part in the shoot down - -" (FT 90-46-6) The radar station led the fighter to the bomber over the radio. 

"Rabe" is seen on the map and in the list in "Befæstningsanlæg i Danmark 1858-1945" edited by Commander Peter Thorning Christensen. 
RABE was here 900 m SE of Ebeltoftvej 22, 8960 Randers SØ. See more about German Radar Stations in Denmark 1942-1944. Aerial photo Grønhøj* Marker pole

A Lancaster was shot down over Jutland on a minelaying operation the night before 25 September, 1942. The plane crashed at Grønhøj north of Karup. All on board were killed. The airmen were buried on 29 September, 1942. (Source: FAF)

Left RAF Syerston at 19:50 hrs. on 24 SEP. Minelaying: Sweet Pea here south of Falster. Crashed at Grønhøj at 01:22 hrs. on 25 SEP 1942. (Source: MACR)... (read this article and see more at:

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