Pulling out from it, a rusty but well-preserved T-34/85 Soviet Tank was recovered in 2013 on the training ground in Biedrusko (Poland) by personal of Army Training Center and by technicians of Museum of Armoured Weapons. It spent nearly 68 years on the range on the training ground before finally being recovered. The tank was dismounted and used as a target for army. It was an inusual way to celebrate the 68th anniversary of the end World War II.   

Biedrusko is the centre of a large military training area, which was set up by the German Army at the beginning of the 20th century, and taken over by the Polish army after World War I. It has been in use by the Polish military since then, except during World War II when the German Army used it again as the Warthelager training camp. T-34's are pretty common still and are still seeing combat destroyed wrecks make good parts tanks .

Already the day after arriving at Museum of Armoured Weapons, the T-34/85 regained mobility. Even on its own wheels (though obviously not on his own), he went to the car wash kit!! 


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