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Some time ago guys of "World War II Metal Detecting" were on a road trip through Europe, when they visited Poland for a visit to the town of Kostrzyn nad Odra, the old part of town to be exact. This part of the town, located on the German-Polish border and the Oder river, was destroyed during the war. At that time it was known as Küstrin, part of Germany. Almost 95% of the old town was completely vanished due to air raids, artillery fire and ground fights in World War Two.

The unique thing about this place, is that it is still the way it was in 1945, more or less. The town was never rebuild, just abandoned. Today, the ruins of the old town are overgrown with trees, plants and flowers. Nature has taken over. They advice all of you history lovers to visit this town, it is a unique experience. Note that they did not bring a metal detector to this location, it's not allowed and the point of this road trip was only to visit historic places. 


HistoryRevived - World War II Metal Detecting (Youtube)

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