This Semovente da 75/18 M41 was employed by the post-war Italian Army. It was restored in 2005 by the Oto Melara. It is now housed in this company's museum at La Spezia. It is in running order.

According to Surviving Panzers website, OTO Melara owned this tank but missed the engine. Restoration was done by Fabio Temeroli with an original engine, and was completed in 2005, it took three years. This tank now runs with an original engine (Massimo Foti). This tank was donated by the Italian Army, in fact it's the tank that used to be at Caserma "Cavarzerani", Udine.When that barracks was closed, the tank went to OTO Melara. Its Serial Number is 07186. The registration number 5727 matches the one the tank had in 1943 (Nicola Pignato). 

The Semovente da 75/18 (meaning in Italian "self-propelled gun with a 75 mm gun long 18 calibers") was an Italian self-propelled gun, and was one of Italy's best armoured vehicles of WWII. It was inspired by the German StuG III, and was designed to use the M13/40's chassis (together with its engine) on which a fixed casemate housed a 75 mm howitzer was mounted.

It first entered mass production in 1941, and due to its success it was continuously upgraded (shifting to the M14/41 and then finally to the M15/42 chassis). In all, 780 vehicles were built. They gave good service with the Ariete and Littorio Divisions in North Africa and later on Italian soil.


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