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 Teniente) December 28, 2016

Two Austrian relic hunters discovered an amazing find. They dug up a highly prized gun - the polish FB Vis - or also known like a Pistole 35(p) or the Radom pistole. This pistol is also interesting because of the personalised grips, which were marked with the date 1943 and three letters on the other side.

FB Vis was a well made 9×19 caliber single-action pistol. This gun was inspired by American Browning GP35 pistol design which was completed in Belgium. FB Vis was produced in the Radom arms factory in Poland from 1935, and was adopted as the standard handgun of the Polish army and later used by the German forces in WWII. Considered by many to be one of the finest handguns ever produced, it is highly prized among firearms collectors.

The whole hunt is on their YouTube video.


Militaryfinder1945 (on YouTube)

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